Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Monetizing Your Site

Make money online is really easy and fun these day. There's a lot of way to earn money from the net.
In this blog, i'll share my experience on how to make money from the net.

Here is different kind of sites that i worked on :

  • What is GPT ?

    GPT is the site that pay you to do  some simple task such as registration offer, watch video, doing survey, submit email/zip code, playing games, etc.
  • What is Survey ?

    Survey sites, just like the name, they only focused on survey completion.
  • What is CrowdFlower ?

    CrowdFlower is the site to that pay you to complete repetitive task. The task is mostly simple task like finding company address, comparing image, find someone media social profile, etc. most of the task on this site is required you to search information on the net. This should be easy, since you already do that on daily basis. So why not getting paid for that.
  • What is cpm ads network ?

    CPM (Cost Per Miles) Ads Network is the company that give you (as a publisher) an opportunity to make money by placing their ads in your site. This ads can be in a form of banner ads, pop up ads or text ads. So when your visitor come to your site and see the ads, you earn money.

    The money you earn is depend on several factor such as your traffic quality (unique visitor, country, referrer site, etc). The earning is calculated on cpm base, this mean how much you earn per 1000 impression.

    For example if the site had payout rate for publisher for certain country is $1 cpm mean you earn $1 per 1000 impression or $0.001/impression.

    If you have good amount of visitor / day, this can make good side income for you. Let say you had 1000 visitor / day and your cpm is $1, you earn $1 / day. Imagine if your cpm is $5 and you had 10000 visitor / day then you'll earn $50 / day -> $1500 / month. Not bad right for passive income.